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The Second

ImageThere was a time today when I had the opportunity to confront behavior that was disrespectful and I did not do so.  Now I wish I had, I wish I had made it clear to the other person’s behavior affected me and how it made him appear in light of the circumstances surrounding the situation.  He said he was getting better but, if he is getting better his behavior did not show that.  His behavior demonstrated his arrogance his refusal to consider another point of view and that perhaps his way is not the best.  We must open ourselves to the possibility that we are not the center of the universe and that in order to get better we may need to listen to someone whether we believe that person is better or worse than us.  Mostly I regret not giving that other person the opportunity to face his demons his reluctance to experience what may have been shame in order to get better and be better or at least be more open with himself.  I hope that the next time this opportunity arises that I sieze it and that not only do I use it for my benefit but that I use it for another person’s benefit as well.